Why Your Influencer Campaign Isn’t Working

Influencer marketing has been on everyone’s lips since 2016. It is the digital marketing hack for growing following numbers, awareness, interactions, and conversion. The necessity and usefulness of Influencers have made people who create enjoyable content get rewarded for a slice of their audience’s attention.

Since the demand for influencers increased, different classes and ranges of influencers have emerged. More often than not, we get it wrong in our influencer marketing campaigns, and these are some reasons

  • Your unrealistic marketing goals:

The major mistake marketers and advertisers make when it comes to influencer marketing is having predefined marketing goals not based on any research and marketing feasibility plan in mind, which is often unrealistic in specific ways. As a result of these goals which influencers can not meet, the campaigns are labeled unproductive. As silly as it sounds, they are influencers, not salesmen or mentalists.

  • Lack of narrative and story:

Another valid reason Influencer Marketing campaigns won’t bring in the desired results you long for. Objectively, every product should have an excellent tale to back it up which would be suitable for introducing it to its target audience.

It’s a well-known fact that storytelling for both products and brands goes a long way in helping them thrive in the marketplace. Therefore, when an Influencer Marketing campaign doesn’t articulate the story behind the brand or product well, it’s bound to yield poor results.

  • Last-minute adjustments:

The best influencers are those who make sure everything is organized right from the get-go. Unfortunately, the back-and-forth between agencies and clients can cause a lot of friction in the influencer marketing process. Last-minute adjustments can throw things off balance, poor choice in people, or inadequate scope of work and deliverables therefore resulting in a poor campaign.

  • More is not always better:

Often, brands believe having a lot of influencers pushing their campaign on digital platforms will go a long way to increase visibility and awareness. In contrast, it’s just a confirmation that too many cooks spoil the broth.

As much as possible, to have a solid influencer marketing campaign, it’s advisable to have a limited number of influencers who are keen on delivering positive and quality results.

  • The ignored Generation Z influencers:

Amazingly, within this age bracket are influencers with quality content and a considerable number of followers. Generation Z influencers have grown their tribes and will help deliver excellent results for probably even less.

Generation Z influencers are as crucial as the baby boomers and millennial influencers in nurturing prospective customers.

  • Identifying the wrong people [Niche Vs Numbers]:

In the Nigerian Influencer Marketing space, this is probably the most frequent mistake made, which results in poor results from the campaigns done. The right influencers for various campaigns must be carefully selected.

A lot of processes have to be put in place to make sure such influencers align with the brand. This way, we can begin to head in the right direction for successful campaigns. 

There are more reasons, but we don’t want to rant. We hope you can run amazing and successful campaigns. Or you can send us a email at webcoupers@webcoupers.com we are the ultimate plug.

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