The Smartphone Wars

09 – 09 – 2014. What does this date mean to you?

If you’re still trying to figure it out then you ain’t no techie.:|

Tuesday 9th of September is the day Apple is expected to announce the Iphone 6. Samsung released Note Edge this week, most likely in anticipation of the Apple event and to get some spotlight before Apple takes over the Internet next week.

It is safe to say the war for smartphone market share and loyalty is one that is really brewing as brands are going the extra mile to retain their customers as well as attract their competitors customers.

LG in promoting it’s flagship phone for last year, LG G2 used smart banner Ads to mock it’s competitors phones (Iphone, HTC and Samsung) when the ads appear on their flagships devices.

The Smart Banner ads used recognition technology to detect the smartphone being used to browse the web. A customized taunt is then sent pointing out the smartphone’s flaws.

The Ads keyed into LG G2 competitive advantage over the other brands (battery life for HTC, screen size for the Iphone and speed for the Samsung Galaxy).


What better way is there to prove your phone’s superiority than to compare and amplify the points that make the brand Superior?

The “war” between Samsung, LG and Apple has been going on for a while now and it is refreshing to see the competition getting more heated this year with the exciting and innovative features in these brands’ flagship phones.

It would be interesting to see the likes of Solo Mobile, Injoo, Techno, and Infinix amongst others take this competitive approach in a race to win the market share of middle-level Android phones in the Nigerian Market.

Have a pleasant weekend.

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