The Guilt Trip – “There is no Force more Powerful than a Mother’s guilt”

Welcome to Lagos. The city of hustlers, entrepreneurs, the ambitious; the city where dreams are built and realized.

Sometimes we get so caught up with so much work and activities that we tend to forget the things that matter. Family.

Today, we take our journey of brilliant ads to Australia. A Country of over 22.4 million people, with one of the largest economies in the world.

They say there is no force more powerful than a mother’s guilt, to prove this, an advertising agency in Australia; McCann came up with a clever campaign centered around the new ticket line of V/line; a regional public train transport. The campaign was called “Guilt Trip”. (Read more about the Guilt Trip here)

The V/Line ‘Guilt Trip’ campaign encouraged city dwellers to travel by train to visit friends and family in the small country regions

V/Line created prepaid train tickets for parents to send their children — along with a healthy dose of guilt. Parents were given guidebooks, while how-to videos on YouTube showed the most effective way to make kids feel guilty.

A microsite was designed for abandoned loved ones to create a personalized guilt-inducing message and then purchase a ticket. This was then sent directly to the guilty party in the form of a mail.

The agency also created booklets to help refine their guilty messages, and print, web banners, and radio all worked together to drive traffic to the microsite. Tickets wallets and posters in stations reinforced the campaign from a regional perspective.

At the end of the Guilt Trip Campaign, V/Line got a 15% increase in sales with an additional 123,000 tickets sold, boosting call center inquiries by 28%.

From the financial perspective, Guilt Trips generated $4 Million in additional revenue; and a 400% Return on Investment; evidence of how strong a mother’s Guilt can be

This case study shows how an agency was able to gain valuable insight, drive an idea, bring it to execution, use all the media at its disposal, and actually drive business and create profit for a company.

Even though the train system in Nigeria is not a fully functional transport system, I see one or two local or international airlines or bus systems successfully adapting this idea to their platforms.

Now If this post has been able to trigger a little sense of guilt for some, then my work is done here. 😉

Have an awesome weekend. i am going to be spending mine with my family back in Ibadan.No it is not a Guilt trip.:d


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