Live Creative Contest at Cannes

Every graphics designer with a plethora of tools can create a wonderland of imagery, however, Shutterstock came in handy with a live contest at Cannes Lions Festivals giving the competitors 20 minutes as they challenged the six art directors to do just that at the stock art service’s Pixels of Fury competition.

Using Illustrator, Photoshop and any art or photography from Shutterstock’s collection, the competitors had just 20 minutes to create their pieces. The assignment, which they didn’t learn until the last minute, was to design an airplane wrap for a new airline.

As you can see in the video and photos below, the results were mixed. But even looking past the quality of the end products, it’s fascinating to see the different creative processes at work.

The competitors were:

  • Carol Hung – K9 Strategy+Design, Toronto.
  • April Mutuc – Cake/Havas, New York
  • Luca Ghilino – Leo Burnett, Milan
  • Kadir Ozdemir – Young & Rubicam, Instanbul
  • Mickey Chan – Ogilvy Dublin (Winner)
  • Blair Dempster – Jack Morton Worldwide, New York

Chan and Dempster reached the finals, in which they had to design an ad for the new airline, and Chan was declared the winner for her Flying Banana design. She took home the grand prize of 2,000 Euros.

Check out more video footage of the event and the final results below:

April Mutoc:


 Carol Hung:


Blair Dempster:


Luca Ghilino:


Kadir Ozdemir:


Mickey Chan:


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