Four Tips For An Effective Marketing Strategy

Regardless of your business size, a marketing strategy is essential to facilitate fast growth. 

An ideal marketing strategy gives detailed insight into your business’ overall game plan for reaching prospective and existing consumers highlighting details such as the company’s value proposition, market data, consumer analysis, the critical message to consumers and the essential campaign rollout plan. 

A significant part of coming up with a marketing strategy is the introduction of campaigns that can convincingly impact the target consumers. In developing campaigns, below are some tips to consider:

  1. Create Solutions to Problems: Consumers in 2019 almost already understand the gimmicks of marketing. Brands that want to create an impact have to go beyond focusing on tricks to trying to solve problems facing the consumers. Every business is set to provide solutions; hence, your customers expect that as well. Your marketing strategy should highlight items such as exclusive solutions/initiatives to make lives better, how-to-content; products/tools/app initiatives that help you listen or respond to customers better.  
  2. Create Interactive & Engagement-based Campaigns: Your marketing strategy should make your customers want to interact with your company or at least other customers. The best way to achieve this is to create elements such as events, user-generated content, tools, apps, etc. in your campaign where customers can connect with the brand and other customers.
  3. Select Relevant Media Channels: Using a mix of traditional and digital media helps your campaign gets the necessary buzz it deserves; however, sometimes it’s best to focus on relevant channels alone. From the data you have gathered on your customers, find out the channels where they are most likely to be found often and target your campaigns to meet them there. For example, if your audience is young Nigerian tech-savvy individuals between 22 and 28, the ideal channels to run a campaign might exclude television and will be tended towards social media and mobile.
  4. Include Elements of Influencer Marketing: Influencers help convey your message to the ideal consumers because the customers already trust them. The significant part of doing this is to ensure that you find the right influencer. Sometimes influencers with a large following might not necessarily make an impact due to the diversified following they have. Involve people/brands whose interest and audience aligns with your brand offering.  

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