Brilliant Ads – TD Bank Canada Says Thank You to their Customers

Advertising and marketing efforts are aimed at influencing the public to take a particular action or continue to take a set of actions.

The advent of the internet has brought about new opportunities to reach potential customers and with it digital marketing (Content marketing, Social Media marketing, PPC, Display advertising e.t.c).

This blog series (Brilliant Ads) would showcase examples of very creative advertising from around the world; from Coca Cola Ads from the 60’s to how brands and agencies are using new technologies to advertise products in the age of social media.

Today, our focus is on a Canadian bank, TD Canada that sought a creative, personal and distinctive way to say thank you to their customers.

The bank went above and beyond. Not only did they offer free coffee to their customers, they also transformed their ATM into what they called an “automatic thanking machine” surprising a few pre-selected customers by dispensing unique gifts to each and every one of them.

Typically, when you go to the ATM, you’re losing money from your account. This bank wanted to just give back to their customers, and it was great.

It’s really interesting to see a bank go out of their way to know and understand their customers in this way. It would be nice if Nigerian banks could also take a cue from this, rather than the usual minimum deposits promotions they run.

Most of the news one hears about banks these days make one consider storing money under the mattress. If a Nigerian bank does this, they’re definitely getting all my money.

Source: TD Canada

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